Wednesday, May 28, 2008


A rough list of gear for my travels

  • Canon digital camera with three batteries & charger

  • Flip video (AA batteries)

  • Toiletries (toothbrush and paste, floss, razor, deodorant)

  • Two Pair underwear, one pair short socks, one pair Thorlo's high socks

  • Two quick drying short sleeve shirts
  • Lightweight fleece

  • Rain-repellent jacket and pants

  • Pair travelling shoes (TBD), one pair running shoes

  • One of each: running shorts, regular shorts, pants

  • Poncho to serve as a tarp, twine, set of stakes

  • 35 Liter light-weight backpack with framesheet

  • Styrofoam pad cut up in backpack as framesheet

  • Small, light 20 degree bag

  • Bivy sack
  • Quick drying towel and two bandanas

Weighing in somewhere around 12 lbs?


Jono Sanders said...

I might actually use my ipod and a ipod camera link to back up my pictures and videos.

Also probably taking a few pictures of my family, my dog, and Austin.

What kind of gifts are good for a long trip? Nooot chocolates.

Jono Sanders said...

And a deck of red bicycle playing cards.


Mattt said...

latex free gloves
safety pins
first aid guideline/instruction card
for complicated things like pneumothorax
alcohol wipes
4 2x2 sterile gauze pads
3 3x3 sterile gauze pads
athletic tape
moleskin/duct tape
ace bandage
antihistamine -- benedryl
antibiotic cream
buy in spain but ask your doctor if you're allergic
2 2f tx 2ft fabric squares
to make slings and braces
eye drop solution
2 gallon zip zip-locks
duct tape
someone who knows what they're doing if you get

i think that's all you'll need
i'd wish you a safe journey but that feels like giving
you bad luck