Thursday, May 29, 2008


Looking at my itinerary, following four weeks in Austin, I'm headed to the Basque Country only to sit around at a bar until my other friends arrive a week later. Having perched my rump on the benches of the bar, Dean, everytime I head to Azkoitia, where my friends from my year abroad in high school remain glued to the same chairs, I might be ready for more adventure.

The rain last summer, when I visited to meet my new host-niece, stomped my climbing plans, but this time I think I'll head further out, maybe to Galicia.

Picos de Europa from jtsoft

The Picos de Europa, lying between the Basque Country and Galicia, host some fantastic mountains and some climbing (article) near Las Arenas, with Cares Gorge path (Walking Europe) running down in between the peaks.

But if I can make it all the way out to Vigos, on the Northwest coast of Spain, I might be able to find some unique culture and climbing. Helps to have a few ideas before I get there or I'll quickly be sucked into my little town with its cobblestone streets, bocadillos, pelota courts and juergas that I got to know all too well back when I was sixteen.

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Timothy said...

jono, do you think u will get sum ghengis Naaaaan????