Saturday, March 15, 2008

where is he going?

Worst attempt at route map ever created with Photoshop*

Departing June 17th for the shortest frequent flier ticket I could find to Bilbao (~24 hrs)
Embarking June 24th from Azkoitia, Spain in a newly purchased used car
Associates/Fellow Drivers: Thomas Chris Kelly, James Kelly (brothers)

1. The Drive: Driving through Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Mongolia
Arriving Ulan Bataar ~6 weeks later.

Blue means driving

2. CHINA: Next step is a train ride down to Beijing - a day or two of OLYMPICS! Also an opportunity to stock up on some clean shirts - other shirts = most likely perma-stained

Dotted = flight to Chengdu. Blue was going to be a motorcycle drive through Tibet to the capital but that is looking less likely due to politics.

3. Volunteer in India: Flight or train to Uttarakhand, India where I will volunteer with Avani-KUMAON to develop water sanitation and alternative energy programs in the rural areas at the feet of the Himalayan mountains.

4. Southern India: the green is around a thousand mile bike ride down to the southern coast of India in April and May

Returning with stories and maybe a new haircut: ~May 29th (longest I can hold off on getting my return ticket with frequent flier miles)

*more poor attempts at photoshopped maps to come until access to program is discontinued


pleasuremikesch said...

hey little boy, why do you have different colors on your route??

I think the prettiest thing on your route is the B :-) Since it is in Switzerland

Fabster :-) see you soon

Leah said...

I think you are too cool to be friends with me quite possibly. Let's keep in touch and maybe we can touch base if I make it to India-- it seems as if I may be in Thailand and Cambodia sometime in the near future...